Wordle+ game! Together. To check if your friends can correctly guess a word in six trials or less, choose a word. Earn points for resolving each other's words with the fewest guesses by taking turns doing so. Take part in a chance match or challenge your friends to the ultimate, viral wits duel! It's a brand-new Wordle+ experience.

Are you an expert at word games? Wordle+! will have you thinking, about whether you enjoy solving traditional crossword puzzles or are just following the latest craze in word games. Use these enjoyable word games to challenge your brain on a daily basis.

Wordle+ will test your cognitive and spelling abilities with its several special game modes. Looking for a game that will go viral? Try out the Daily Puzzle mode, which gives you six tries to figure out the word of the day. The tile will change color after each correctly spelled letter, either turning yellow if it is in the word or green if it is in the proper place. Can you answer it using just one hunch? Share your final score with your pals once you've worked it out. Similar to the popular word game, but on your phone!

Are you a Wordle+ addict? Play Wordle+ in Classic mode endlessly for as long as you like. No need to wait till the next puzzle the following day. Do you feel stuck? Do not fret! To get out of a bind and reveal the answer, use a clue!

Alternately, test your speed and spelling in Word Fever mode by taking on a timed challenge. Spell the word before the timer expires; each time you do, the timer will restart, forcing you to act quickly to figure out the next word. What is your limit?

Do you wish to put your thinking to the test? You will have three chances in Secret Word mode to correctly guess each word using the letters and cues given. Make the most of your word association abilities by guessing each word before moving on to the next. Be careful when you guess; if you get three wrong, you have to start over.

With our free word games, you can broaden your adult thinking and strengthen your brain. It's like going to the gym for your mind!

Games' Features

1. Enjoyable Word Puzzles

Play the trending word game or one of our entertaining and imaginative game modes for a one-of-a-kind challenge that you've never experienced before.

2. Wordle is limitless!

You can use the Classic mode to solve as many Wordle! puzzles as you like. You don't have to wait a full day for the following puzzle!

3. Present Your Findings

Try the Daily Puzzle mode to answer the Wordle! of the day, then compare stats with friends and share your results.

4. Unique Boosters

Having issues? Unlock unique boosters like the Dart, which will eliminate letters, or Hint, which will show the correct letter. You can also utilize the Skip option to finish a level quickly or, if you fail, try again.

5. Take Things Slowly:

Whether you want to try to complete the period in Secret Word mode or enjoy the strain of a timed challenge. Wordle! Play a variety of games at your preferred tempo.

6. Exercise Your Mental Muscles

Are you up for a more difficult task? Test your abilities on longer words at harder levels! Are you going to win Wordle!?

Other games

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