Star Wordle

If you’re the one who loves to play word games, then you must have played word association games a lot. These games test your ability to think logically and stretch your vocabulary. One such game is Star Wordle. You might have seen this alternative spelling game in your favorite Facebook group or on Reddit, where it got its name from.

Let’s take a look at some of the first-guess words that you can use in this game: "saber" and "grogu"; are go-to first-guess words for you, give Star Wordle a try. The secret words for this alternative game are out there waiting for you to find them and reveal them to everyone else!

This alternative game is more challenging than the original one. You have to use your mind in the same way as a Jedi would. If you are able to use the other words for your first guess, you can do better. But if you see that "darth" or "vader" are going to be your go-to words for this game, then it is probably time for you to move on.

However, don’t let us fool you. There are many Star Wars fans out there who absolutely love playing these word games and have become quite good at it from all of their practice runs. The best part? It’s not only a great way to kill some time while waiting in line at the movies. The added practice actually does make it easier to recall those specific words when they come up again later on in conversation or reading something else that mentions them too!



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